Our position on the green economy

At REYL Intesa Sanpaolo, we believe that the future of economy depends on integrated solutions that balance risk, reward and impact. We maintain an open architecture approach to wealth management providing our clients with access to a range of innovative solutions across public and private markets that are aligned with and contribute to sustainability outcomes. 


The principles and practises that guide our business approach to the green economy transition is outlined in detail in our Impact Policy and summarised below.

Systems thinking

Our approach is guided by a science-based “systems view” of the world, informed by an in-depth understanding of the interconnection between society, environment, and markets. 

Emergence of the green economy

We foresee the future of capitalism increasingly being shaped by the need to transition to a low-carbon socially inclusive and resource-efficient economy (green economy), driven by the growing scientific consensus on the necessity to address biophysical and social risks, the rapidly changing policy environment, shifting consumer sentiment and pure economic competitiveness. 

Volatile transition

We anticipate the transition will take time, will be volatile and will create headwinds/tailwinds across different economic sectors, regions, and asset classes. It will be further exacerbated by the geopolitics of energy security and issues of market access/protectionism.

Client-led and incremental

We take a client-led approach to green economy, sustainability, and impact related issues, recognising the hard limits imposed by risk/ return/liquidity constraints. For interested clients we advocate a longer term, portfolio wide, incremental approach that starts by defining motivations. A glossary of terms outline core terms used in our approach to green economy is provided here